Blue Carbon Steel Woks — Australia

Having heard about blue carbon steel wok for the first time, many people get confused by its name. Is it really blue? Is it safe to use? A lot of questions immediately arise. As the name implies, one of the key elements of this material is carbon (from 0.6% to 2.0%). This element gives the cookware excellent strength and wear resistance, allowing it to maintain its high quality for a long time. Having delved a little into history, you can see that carbonated steel was used in almost all spheres of human life until the beginning of the 20th century. This is because such steel is quite easy to manufacture and suitable for a wide range of items from cutlery to woks. This is how this cookware first appeared in China and then became popular around the globe.

About Yosukata blue carbon steel wok pan

Yosukata is a Hong Kong professional cookware brand. If you have never heard about it before, here are some facts to know:

Master craftsmanship

The best blue carbon steel wok by Yosukata is manufactured with great affection and attention to details. The ergonomic properties and basic features of the cookware anticipate all the expectations of the customers. 

All natural material

In the production of Yosukata goods, only natural high-quality materials are used. This makes the utensils eco-friendly and safe. 

Ease to clean & How do you clean blue carbon steel wok?

This kitchen utensil is characterised by extremely simple cleaning. The blue carbon steel wok with lid should be cleaned with warm water and a soft sponge. No cleaning brushes and detergents are allowed. 

Blue carbon steel wok used by professional chefs

Professional chefs often use the blue carbon steel wok flat bottom for their induction and electric stovetops. You can also choose between flat and round-bottom varieties, depending on the available equipment.

How to care for blue carbon steel wok?

Caring for a blue carbon steel wok is easy: clean it with warm water, wipe it dry after each washing, and store it in a dry place. Keep in mind that it may take a while to get used to the wok weight, as it may seem heavy after the aluminium alternatives. It is not recommended to cook acidic foods in your wok, as it may damage the non-stick coating. Use a wooden spatula to stir-fry the ingredients during the cooking. Using metal accessories is not recommended.

How do you season a blue carbon steel wok?

Follow the below instructions to season the Yosukata blue carbon steel wok pan:


  • Unpack the wok and carefully remove the beeswax;
  • Wash it with warm water and dry it carefully with a paper towel;
  • Heat the wok in the oven or on the stovetop, and add some oil;
  • Heat your wok until it changes colour;
  • Leave it to cool down.


As soon as you have taken the above steps, your wok is ready for use.


Is blue carbon steel wok good?

Absolutely. Such cookware is used by well-known chefs worldwide and is known for its lightning-fast heating, durability, and non-stick properties. 

Is Blue carbon steel safe?

Yes. This material consists of iron and carbon elements, which are 100% safe for the human body. This is a great alternative to aluminium in terms of functionality and compliance with the strictest eco standards. 

Is Blue carbon steel good for cooking?

Compared to other materials, blue carbon steel is distinguished by its durability, shock resistance, and ease of care. 

Is Blue carbon steel nonstick?

This material obtains its non-stick properties as a result of seasoning. With time and frequent use, such cookware gets more and more nonstick.

Is blue or black carbon steel better?

There is not much difference between blue and black carbon steel when it comes to cooking. The black carbon steel wok is considered less corrosion resistant, but this difference is not essential if you take care of your cookware according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.