Carbon Steel Woks Round Bottom — Australia

Wok pans are widely represented in modern cookware stores, which differ both in their functional characteristics and price. The Carbon Steel Wok Round Bottom – is a classical choice for gas stove tops and open fire. Bowl-shaped cookware has many advantages – it heats up evenly, requires less oil to fry, and ensures that food stays in the pan when stirred rather than spread all over the stove. More about the features and characteristics of Yosukata woks – read below. 

Why Do Chefs Choose Carbon Steel Wok Round Bottom?

The Carbon Steel Wok Round Bottom is a must-have for every professional chef. With this kitchen utensil, you can reach the incredible crust of the dishes while preserving the nutritional value and vitamins in the food. The traditional round wok makes it possible, when mixing with special kitchen accessories, to easily pick up the fried ingredients from the bottom and move them to the top. This process is complicated for pans with a flat bottom. 

About Yosukata Round-Bottomed wok features

Any Yosukata round bottom wok is made of high-quality materials and meets the strictest eco standards. Here are the key features of branded cookware:

Best size

The best size for traditional round-bottomed woks is 14″ diameter utensils. Such cookware can serve both for a family and a couple, allowing one to cook dinner for up to 4 people at once. 


While round bottom utensils are considered traditional, flat bottom analogs better serve in kitchens with induction or electric cooktops installed. Choose the model that better fits your needs. 


Yosukata woks are made of high-quality carbon steel in black and blue colours. In the East, the most common wok is made of carbon steel. They are lightweight, relatively cheap, durable and have good thermal conductivity. 


To cook soups and stews in your wok, you can buy a lid and bamboo or silicon spatulas, which are used to avoid scratches and damaging the non-stick layer. 

Clean and care

The best round bottom carbon steel wok is easy to care for: just use warm running water and a sponge to clean the food remaining, and avoid using detergents and hard brushes. Wipe dry your wok after each wash and store it in a dry place.

Perfect for Asian dishes 

The carbon steel round bottom wok was originally designed for stir-frying, but can also be used for steaming, stewing, frying, smoking, and even soups. A wok can be used as an alternative to a saucepan for classic frying, steaming or stewing. Many Asians replace saucepans and stewpans with a wok for making soups. Feel free to cook fried rice with pork and vegetables, classic Thai noodles, or even ramen in your new classic wok.