Carbon Steel Woks Flat Bottom — Australia

A flat bottom carbon steel wok is a novelty in the culinary world, used for faster and more convenient cooking Asian dishes at home or on the go. The novelty of this pan lies in the fact that it contains two crucial components – classic carbon steel material and a flat base. This combination gives us faster heating and convenience of use on the induction, ceramic and electric stove tops. You can order such a wok pan right now by placing an order in the shopping cart.

Why Flat-Bottomed?

The wok has recently become very popular among those people who like to experiment while cooking and prefer oriental cuisine. The original version of the cookware is the round bottom, which is explained by the functional tasks of the utensils. Its original purpose is frying meat, vegetables, fish, and other products at a high temperature on an open fire. However, the modern version of this cookware, which is used for cooking on electric and gas stoves, comes with flat bottom. This is mostly because the round bottom prevents the best contact with the heating element. 

About Yosukata flat bottom carbon steel wok features

Professional chefs are always arguing over what materials, shapes, and sizes make the best woks. While the carbon steel flat bottom wok is considered a universal choice, there are numerous other options available. For example, in Yosukata online store, you can find utensils with the following characteristics:

Best size

The best size for a flat bottom carbon steel wok will be the one that corresponds to the number of people in the family. Small 11’8 diameter woks better serve the needs of a couple, while the 13.5’ or 14’ diameter alternatives will be enough for a family of 4. 


If you are picking the wok for a gas stove, there is no difference between round and flat bottom varieties. However, for ceramic, induction, and electric stove tops, the preference should be given to a flat bottom wok.


In the Yosukata online store, only black and blue carbon steel woks are sold. They are relatively light, inexpensive, durable, and have good thermal conductivity. 

Clean and care

It is very easy to take care of such a frying pan – it is easy to wash with warm water and then store it in a dry place. If you treat such utensils with care, then the non-stick coating will serve you for more than one year before the next seasoning.

Perfect for Asian dishes

You can use the best carbon steel wok flat bottom for cooking classic Asian and European dishes. This cookware is especially good for vegetable dishes. With this frying, vegetables become crispy while retaining almost most of the vitamins. Try wok noodles with vegetables, fried rice with shrimp, beef with noodles and soy sauce, and many other tasty dishes at home.