Pre-seasoned Woks Carbon Steel

The pre-seasoned wok carbon steel by Yosukata is a popular choice among professional chefs. Today, you can enjoy the restaurant quality of your homemade food if you have this cookware in your kitchen. However, some newly-purchased utensils need to be prepared for further use. This procedure is called seasoning. More about seasoning and the basic characteristics of Yosukata woks – read below.

Why do customers love Yosukata pre-seasoned woks?

Many people are wondering what is pre-seasoned wok. In particular, customers are interested whether these utensils require seasoning or if they are ready for use. In this regard, pre-seasoned means covered by wax or vegetable oil to prevent rusting, so they still require further seasoning. Here are some more selection criteria to consider:

  • Pre-seasoned wok carbon steel type difference

The best pre-seasoned carbon steel wok is the one that meets the needs of the owners. Yosukata woks are made of carbon steel – the most traditional material for this type of kitchen utensils. The blue or black carbon steel coating comes from the additional heat treatment during the manufacture. There is no big difference in functional characteristics, but it is believed that blue carbon steel is more corrosion resistant.

  • Best size

The woks are available in three different sizes – 11.8’, 13.5’, and 14’ diameters. All of them are equipped with a convenient handle. 

  • Shapes

There are flat and round bottom utensils available. Flat bottom woks are suitable for all cooktops, while the round bottom analogs cannot be used on induction, electric, and ceramic stovetops. 

  • Materials

When choosing a wok, be sure to pay attention to the material from which the pan is made because the functional qualities of any cookware depend on it. Carbon steel is one of the most durable, eco-friendly, and functional varieties. 

Seasoning, oils & Cleaning 

The pre-seasoned carbon steel wok Australia should be treated in a particular way after its seasoning. At first, the non-stick layer is very thin, which makes it vulnerable to minor scratches. Thus, we don’t recommend using detergents and hard brushes to clean your woks after use. For everyday cooking, use oils with a high smoke point: it is easier to achieve the expected taste and result by using them.

Does it need to be seasoned?

Usually, the information about the necessity to season the wok is stated on the package. As for the Yosukata pre-seasoned wok carbon steel – it should be definitely seasoned. Gently remove the protective layer and wash your new wok with some warm water. Then, follow the instructions on the package to season your new pan. 

Best oils

Typically, it is recommended to use vegetable oils to cook dishes in a carbon steel pre-seasoned wok. In general, you have to use high smoke point oils such as sesame, avocado, grapeseed, coconut, and other oils.

How do I clean it?

Use running water and a soft sponge to clean your wok. Wipe dry it with a paper towel after washing it and keep it in the dry place. Avoid leaving water drops on the surface – it can cause corrosion.