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Carbon Steel Skillet Green Beans Recipe

Difficulty Easy Serving 4 PT15M 15 mins


  • butter (2 tsp)
  • garlic (4 cloves)
  • Italian seasoning (2 tsp)
  • salt and pepper (¼ tsp each)
  • broth (little or no salt, ¼ cup)
  • lemon juice (fresh, 2 tbsp)
  • parsley (chopped, 1 tbsp)
  • Optional: flakes of red pepper (¼ tsp)
Whether you are keen on roasted vegetables or not, you will love our take on green beans sautéed in a carbon steel skillet! This quick recipe with lemon juice and spices is ready in half an hour, and it is a great match for any meal. For our carbon steel skillet green beans recipe, you only need a Yosukata pan and just a few ingredients! It cannot get any more simple!

Ingredients for Green Beans in Skillet

It is preferable to use fresh beans. The following proportions are enough for one pound of veggies. You will need:

butter (2 tsp) garlic (4 cloves) Italian seasoning (2 tsp) salt and pepper (¼ tsp each) broth (little or no salt, ¼ cup) lemon juice (fresh, 2 tbsp) parsley (chopped, 1 tbsp) Optional: flakes of red pepper (¼ tsp)

Cooking Instructions for Skillet Green Beans

These veggies are incredibly easy to cook! There are just three basic stages — preparation, cooking green beans in a skillet, and finishing the dish with some lemon juice and garnish. The whole process should take around 25-30 minutes, and you will master it from the first try! Carbon steel makes sautéing healthier, as it does not release any chemicals into the food even at the highest temperatures. Here is how to cook green beans in a skillet quickly.

Steps for Our Skillet Green Beans Recipe

1Put the carbon steel skillet on your stovetop on medium heat. 2Put the butter inside and wait until it melts. Then throw in the minced garlic cloves to sauté them for around half a minute, or until they start giving the aroma (find our tips for jarred garlic below). 3Stir in the beans, salt and pepper, Italian seasoning, and broth (you can also add some red pepper flakes). Put the lid on the skillet and cook the dish for 10-12 minutes. Remember to stir it from time to time. 4Take off the lid, reduce the temperature to medium-low and cook for 2-3 minutes longer.

Wait for the beans to start charring slightly. Sprinkle some lemon juice onto them, add the parsley and serve the dish immediately! As you can see, our skillet green beans recipe is a breeze!

What To Serve

One of the biggest advantages of these vegetables is that they fit almost any type of meal. They go particularly well with fish and meat dishes, such as steak and mushroom pies or salmon baked with lemon and pepper. You can also cook them independently. Some ideal matches for cooking green beans in the skillet are:

beef, pork, bacon, chicken, turkey, shrimp, and almonds.

Carbon Steel Skillet Green Beans Recipe

Tips for Cooking Simple Skillet Green Beans

Do not add red pepper flakes if you want a milder flavor. Use vegetable or chicken broth, but make sure there is little or no salt. Use any brand of Italian seasoning. If you need to use jarred garlic, stick to the golden measuring rule: 1 fresh clove equals 1 1/2 tsp.

What to Do with Leftovers from Skillet Fried Green Beans

You can place your beans in a food storage container (airtight) and store them in the fridge for up to 4 days. To maximize the shelf life, you can put them in the freezer. Wrap the dish tightly or use a reliable container. This way, you can preserve the dish for up to half a year.

Final Words

Our skillet green beans recipe is uncomplicated — just sauté your veggies with garlic, throw in some seasoning, add some fresh lemon juice on top, and enjoy! Green beans are a flawless match for many other dishes and flavors!
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